Monday, 12 September 2011

Bike riding

I managed to get a short ride in last week of around 20 miles and it was mainly road riding which was a change but it was a good mix of up and down hill. The ride was to a local village which is about 10 miles away. i got there in about 40 minutes which i didnt think was bad at all since i thought it would take me at least 1 hr and then i set a target of 45 minutes. On the way back i hit that extra 5 minute bracket just before a big hill. coming back i was around the same time. but it seemed a lot quicker as theres more down hill stretches on the way back.

Theres a nice little fashion boutique at the village which must make a nice rack of sales due to busy summer months, there was a great window display with varying makes from Scoot to Firetrap with some great t shirt designs in. I'll have to nip over this weekend in the car and take a better look inside.

I'm yet to do any night riding, but i really want to  get some half decent lights either Hop or Lupine ones