Wednesday, 18 July 2012

a little internet time

Ok so i thought I'd quickly check my emails and I've ended up writing on here. the hotel / resort is a lovely place, they even have some lovely looking office bits scattered around with gyms in so there must be a garden office company out here somewhere or maybe they import them.

anyway I'm tanning up nicely, so i'm of back to chillax by the pools

Monday, 9 July 2012

From beyond the laptop

HAHA this post is coming from me last week, I've just told it to post while i'm away. hopefully when i'm on my way-back i can stop off in the Duty Free and get a few bottles of spirits so that i can fill my hip flasks up on the cheap without breaking the bank.

I can remember when i went to Cuba few years back now and you could buy bottles of Cuban Rum for around £5 probably less, i can remember we brought back loads of it. That's when the exchange rate was massively in our favor.

Anyway i'm off now and my computer might post another blog post this week if your lucky

Friday, 6 July 2012

Next Week

Well I've got my luxury holidays booked I'm going next week, Ive got a sweet deal on a fortnights break at sandy lane barbados. it looks really posh and has all the facility that anyone can need or require. Theres even a golf course to play, so i might take up golf while I'm away.

Its all inclusive so its food food food non stop when ever you want. I'm heading out on tuesday for 14 nights so by the time i get back from my barbados holidays i should be fully tanned and relaxed