Wednesday, 17 August 2011

F1 still 9 days away

well we are still days away from the next F1 race over in belgium at Spa. this 3/4 week break that they have taken seem to have taken ages to pass. Hopefully it will start as a dry race at spa and then chuck it down so that we can have a interesting race, i wouldn't be suprised to see some engine failures soon as Spas going to be pretty hard on engines and then Monza the race after spa, and monza is one of the toughtest races on engines due to the time on full throttle and the altitude making air thinner and the engine working harder.

I've just had a nice big delivery dropped of at home i had a few franklin and marshall t shirts and some firetrap jeans, all in it came to about £200 which i didnt think was to bad.

Speak soon

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